Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just another resolution

I made two New Years resolutions this year.  Usually I am against making resolutions, or going on diets, or any extreme measures of the sort.  I don't really believe that drastically altering a huge part of your life simply because the date stamp changed is very effective. 

My first resolution: run/walk at least a mile a day.  I have not stuck with this at all. Point proven.
My second resolution: blog more.....we'll see.

I have started watching Dexter lately, thanks to the somewhat forceful recommendation of my best friend, Alex.  Brady and I are 110% obsessed, so I guess the frequent threats to "WATCH DEXTER!" paid off.  If you don't know, the story line behind Dexter is that he is a serial killer who only kills other killers.  Usually, his victims are murderous criminals, but sometimes the lines get blurred for dear Dexter.  I can't stop thinking about it, regardless, and it's really interfering with my focus at work. I am a big fan of this killer, though.  Contrary to what many philosophers may say, I believe he is doing more harm than good in this fictional world. It's nice to have a show-on-DVD to watch....ever since Brady and I finished The Office, and when I realized the Jersey Shore really is trashy and annoying, I've been having withdrawals.

In other news....(wonder how many times I have typed that on this blog) house hunting is on mine and hubby's horizon.  Our wayyy too close for this kind of big decision horizon.  I hear all the time that "renting is a waste of money," but I have to admit I have fallen in love with our little rental home, and wouldn't be completely upset if we "wasted money" for one more year.  The thought of talking to someone about writing a check for a $10,000-something down payment gives me the heebie jeebies.  And if you know me at all, you know I don't get those a lot.  (OK, OK, I do.)

End first post of the new year.  Hey, I didn't make a resolution that I would write insightful blogs to provoke mind-bending questions....I just said "blog more."  :)

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