Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pointing Fingers

I think about what to post in my blog a LOT.  I try to pick something that is timely and appropriate; something that relates to worldly issues currently going on.  Alas, I always fail and instead write about, for lack of a better word, nonsense. And considering my last few blogs have been summations of personal annoyances that I feel other people will be able to relate to, I'm going to try something a bit different.  Go for a more "classical" approach to the web-log world.  (Please be forewarned that at the end of this, you will probably realize that this post is nonsense as well.  So really I'm not changing a dang thing.)

The presidential election kills me.  I watched the debates the other night against my better judgment, because I knew before they even began that I would be left at the end more confused and irritated than before.  Is it just me or has the presidential election turned into something resembling an amateur match of pointing fingers?  How are you supposed to find clarity and a real connection with one particular candidate, when literally the rebuttal is always just about calling the other a liar?

Obama will describe his plans for lowering the national debt (of course, not before mentioning that the debt was never really his fault in the first place) and then Romney will come back by saying that Obama has been cheating the country since his term began, and that it will continue unless he is elected president, where he can really make a dent in this huge hole our economy has dug.  He uses concrete examples of why the current president and his cabinet haven't turned this economy 180 degrees and put us "back on track." Then of course, big O will come back by saying that Romney is lying straight faced about the numbers, and that in all actuality, every word he is saying about what he "plans" to do, is literally impossible.  It's like a ping-pong match of "No, you're lying!" "No, you're lying!"  Like, what the hell?!

I read an article trying to sort through the muddle of apparent lies and deceit to try to figure out what small chunk of the debate could actually be taken to the bank (yes, pun is always intended) and I got a breakdown of what each candidate said, and how much of it was truth.  The article left me even more disappointed, as it confirmed what I already believed: that the debates, and the whole manner of the election process in fact, is just a back-and-forth game of making the other look bad.

If we could just call a spade a spade and make this thing official, we may as well throw in a part of the election where each candidate struts around in a Speedo so we can judge based on physique, too.

Now I know there are those of you thinking "Do the research, Meg.  Look up the facts and really dig into what's true and then decide who gets your vote."  Um, no thank you.  For several reasons no thank you.  Not only do I think it's bologna that only those who have the dedication or right mind to "do the research" are the ones that will be making an educated decision come election day, but I don't think that months should be spent campaigning when in the end, I have to figure out what each candidate is really for.  And even if I did "the research," how am I supposed to believe a damn word either of them say??  I'm just ready for  November 6 to come and go and for us to just put an end to this madness.

On a happier note, I have been planning to write a post with links to some of my favorite Youtube videos...ones that really stir my insides and make me shout obscenities because they're so awesome, cursing is the only thing I can think of doing that will express my disbelief and gratitude at these people for sharing their music.  However...that takes a lot of executive decision making (as I have a lot of favorite-goosebump-inducing videos that I'd like to share).  So today, you get one.  Let me assure you, though, this one is stupidly amazing.  I'd like to know your thoughts.

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