Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Carb-Free Me!

This happens to me every time I start blogging regularly...I get writers' block.  I think of what to blog about all the time, but nothing comes to mind.  I try to make my blogs relevant.  I mean, if I had a cute, little baby crawling around doing cute, little baby things, or if I was so inclined to adopt a theme for my blog and share my tips on cooking and crocheting and...being domesticated, I'd probably post a lot more.  But I try to only blog when I really have something to say (or type).  Then, of course, a wall goes up and I can't write a decent post to save my life.  So, the only reasonable solution for this rut, I believe, is to just get back in the habit of the act of blogging.  (Hence why I have rambled on for nearly 10 lines with nothing of real importance being said.) Thus, the randomness develops:

Ever since middle school, I have observed "fasting" or giving up a vice or bad habit during Lent.  I'm not Catholic, and to be honest, I don't vehemently practice one specific religion.  Never mind why I do it; I just do it. In the past, I have been known to give up sodas, fast food, Facebook, and cheese (that one was rather difficult).  This year, I gave up drinking.  Not just one specific family of alcohol, but alcohol in itself.  I've struggled the most with red wine, but so far, it hasn't been too terrible...just a little aggravating.  I also gave up carbohydrates.  This...has been tough.  I actually didn't start this "fast" until last Wednesday.  My two best friends (who are pretty beastly with carbs in their diets) decided on this diet when I was discussing giving up drinking.  Last week, Brady and I jumped aboard.  It's surprising what all has carbs in it; or rather, what I don't think of as a carbohydrate.  It's not just breads, pastas, and rice that I'm exempt from; it's any kind of sugars, potatoes in any form, oatmeal, protein bars, smoothies, you name it.  Goodbye eating out for the next 3 weeks.  But now that I'm done ranting, I must admit...I feel awesome.  I do get a little sleepy at odd times during the day, but it is extremely liberating knowing exactly what I'm putting into my body.  We all agreed that fruits and vegetables with natural carbohydrates in them are allowed, as well as natural peanut butter/almond butter, almond milk, and some other modified regularities.  So for every meal, BB and I have to eat raw foods straight out of *gasp* our own refrigerator.  But it feels so nice knowing that nearly everything we're eating is 100% nutritionally beneficial.  Everything we eat is fresh, because it has to be, and forget about swinging through a fast food joint to avoid cooking.  Here is an example of my menu for a day on this new "diet":

one hard boiled egg
piece of turkey bacon
coffee (OK, OK....two cups)

fresh green leaf lettuce with grilled chicken, chopped turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, and homemade salsa
string cheese

 protein shake with a handful of almonds

Filet Mignon from our lovely, local Brookshire's
one hard boiled egg

Dessert/Second Snack
banana with natural peanut butter
an orange

I'm not suggesting you try this diet.  It is definitely difficult, and especially for guys like my dear hubby who consumes nearly 2,500 calories a day on a regular basis (he has also run almost 200 miles so far in 2012...beat), you are definitely hungry a lot.  It takes some serious consideration, research, planning, and dedication.  But it is awesome.

OK...I feel better.  I at least remember how to type.  Now off to yoga with the hubs.  We love yoga night. :)

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