Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No-weather Fans

I have 100 percent accepted the fact that mine and hubby's lives revolve around sports.  It doesn't bother me that ESPN is on our TVs almost constantly, nor do I mind that probably half of our conversations resolve on sports topics.  I also don't mind that many peoples' lives do not revolve around sports...we agree to "disagree."

One thing I do mind is people who ridicule others, like myself, and claim we are overly involved in sports teams and figures who care about nothing more than their monthly paycheck.  I can't tell you how many times I saw insulting and negative Facebook posts during the Rangers World Series run...and from Texans themselves!  Anything from: "Ugh, SO sick of hearing about the game!" to "I'm laughing at these Rangers they really think Josh Hamilton gives a ____(insert word of choice)____ about them?"  I have moved on from the delusion that the Rangers will ever notice me in my red cap and Rangers shirt and call me to the dugout to chat between innings, but I still can't comprehend how people can be so....."glass half empty."

Wanna know why I love sports? Because it gives me a sense of pride, confidence, and to be quite honest, an adrenaline rush.  My athletic abilities don't stretch past an occasional 5K race and frequent visits to the gym, but when I watch sports, I literally feel like I'm part of the game.  Plus, I am intrigued by the X's and O's and logistics of the game (the game being literally anything from college football to tennis matches).  Watching games/matches/scrimmages/duels/etc. unfold is one of the most enthralling adventures; no match up is the same; no team the same; no player the same.  Every aspect of sports is unique.  New records are broken every day. People perform in unthinkable, unimaginable ways every day, and we, as viewers/spectators, get to witness it.  How could you HATE it?! 

I realize not everyone has the same passion, but I can't understand legitimately frowning upon someone else's interest.  What's the point?  Is it simply that the people who argue that sports-lovers are ignorant and naive, and hate it only because they don't understand it?  Or do they genuinely not like to see people who have pride in something??

There shall be a Part B to this post....about people who take it a step further and not only hate people who love their own home team, but hate them so much to "bandwagon" onto another team. 

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