Monday, June 27, 2011

Recently brought to my attention...

I would like to think I don't take the "holier than thou" approach on things, but there are some instances when anger takes hold of me and I find myself muttering obscenities at the ol' Joe next to me.  Some examples of what stems my fury and frustration:

It seems as if the quality of driving has steadily decreased since I began operating a motor vehicle.  Note my earlier statement about how I do not like to take the "holier than thou" approach.  My observation of how crappy (for lack of a better word) people are driving these days is not because I believe myself to be the best of the best when it comes to following rules.  But let's take a look back at some of my recent run-ins (not literally) with fellow drivers...  The other day, I was making a routine stop at a routine stop sign, on my routine drive to work.  As I fully pressed on the brakes (I make COMPLETE stops at this particular sign), I happened to crane my neck to the left, just to make sure no one was barreling through the stop sign.  I hadn't seen anyone out of my peripheral, but something told me to "just make sure."  Thank goodness I did.  Just as I expected not to see anyone barreling through the stop sign, someone did just that.  Might I add I work at a school...where children attend.  I also witnessed, in that very same day, several last-minute lane changes, in which there was no regard for people who may (Heaven forbid) already be in that lane; some illegal use of turning and non-turning lanes; and several instances of unnecessary road rage for (again, Heaven forbid) going the speed limit.  I feel like every time I get behind the wheel, I am playing on one of those arcade games where wrecks are inevitable and drivers have no concern for those sharing the road.

Lunchtime is (sadly) the highlight of the working man/woman's day...not just in Corporate America.  Summertime working in a school district is monotonous, boring, and slow-moving; regardless of your position.  So in the final days at my current job, I have noticed that before my purse has hit the desk, my co-workers are already discussing lunch.  "Where are you going for lunch today?"  "Oh, I brought my lunch today.  I have leftovers from last night."  "I hate going to the same old place....let's go to Olive Garden."  "I am going to eat a salad for lunch today because goooosh I have gained weight."  It's funny to me that I can't even get through my Nutrigrain bar in the morning before the lady to left and the right of me are pestering me about lunch.  And it's not just the act of going; AND it's not just a simple question with a simple answer.  No, no, no, my friends; the question "What are your lunch plans today?" leads to a whole slew of conversation.  Trust me; I have tried all possible answers to try to get the smallest response.  I have tried saying "Oh, I brought a sandwich."  This answer leads to "Oh, Mrs. Bond, you always bring a sandwich.  What kind of sandwich?  Do you ever eat anything besides sandwiches?  I need to start eating sandwiches...I need to eat healthier...I need to bring my lunch...." etc., etc., etc.  Another answer I have tried on: "I'm not sure yet, probably just grab something."  Which leads into..."Oh yeah?  Where are you going to grab something?  KFC? Sonic? I have a coupon to Chick-Fil-A!  Oh, but I do love Dairy Queen because they have those tasty Blizzards."  Another answer I throw out there: "Probably just go to my dad's restaurant."  To which they often reply: "What does he serve again? (A question I have answered many a times) Does he have a website? Do they deliver?  You always go to your dad' you always get the salad there?  Are their burgers good?  How are their pancakes?  Could you pick me up something?"  NOTE:  all of my replies are dead-end answers.  There should be no additional questions required.  But, such is the life of a full-time employee probably anywhere...the highlight of one's day is lunchtime, and the conversation about said time begins before breakfast has even begun.  Sad and typical?  Yes.  And although I gripe about it, I must admit, lunchtime is a time in the middle of the workday for endless possibilities.

I realize in hinesight that I have spent far too much time rambling about my annoyances regarding lunchtime in the workplace and the fact that I think every person on the road should have their license revoked pending further driving instruction....but that's what blogs are for, isn't it? 

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