Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspiration...mixed with a bit of jealousy

This isn't my first rodeo, folks.  I have had a blog before, and it went quite nicely.  I only had one avid follower (my best bud, the Lopez), but he was a good follower.  And I held onto the faint hope that some people crossed my page from time to time and at least got a chuckle or a good "chin scratch" at the end of each post.  However, wedding planning season ended (which proved to be inspiration, or rather, an easy way to escape the nightmares of missing bridesmaids and headless grooms) and therefore, my days of blog writing drizzled away.  Thankfully (to me at least) one of my most dear friends, who just happens to be my cousin, who just happens to write the wittiest, most incredible, and did I mention adorable posts about her and her little family, inspired me to take up blogging again.  Although it may be a bumpy ride, and although the posts may not be as consistent nor as entertaining, this blog will remain.  So to all you, probably millions out there, who have been anxiously checking for posts, give your fingernails a rest and sit back a little further in your chair....because I'm back.

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